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upholstery-cleaning-201x300The living room is one of the areas where we spend a lot of time. Usually we sit on the sofa and watch TV, read a book or just relax and enjoy our life. However, the frequent usage of the sofa gets it really dirty in a short amount of time. It is essential that you clean your sofa on a regular basis, because this way you’ll maintain it in a good condition and the upholstery won’t spoil.

We are Cleaners Kensington and provide professional sofa cleaning solutions and sofa cleaners in Kensington W8 London.

Most people think that vacuuming their sofa once a week is more than enough to maintain its condition, but sadly, this isn’t true. You can’t preserve the sofa’s good condition just by vacuuming it, you need to hire professional cleaning services which will really take care of your sofa. Our company in Kensington London offers many cleaning services and one of them is our sofa cleaning service.

The price of our cleaning solutions is very good and affordable by just about anyone, just contact us and we will present you a quote depending the size and condition of the sofa.

The first step is to vacuum the sofa, however, our team uses portable and less powerful vacuums which gently suck the dust out and won’t damage the upholstery. Even the hidden places will be cleaned and if the dust particles are too fine our workers will use a blower that will surely get rid of even the finest dust.

The second step of the process is to remove all the stains by using our cleaning solutions. As you know sofas are made of different materials and this is why we can’t treat every sofa with the same reagent. Our specialists will analyze the sofa’s material and choose the best cleaning solution.

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