Junk Removal Kensington

junk2-300x232Modern houses and flats generate a lot of junk and sometimes it is hard to dispose them by yourself. The garbage includes different wet and dry materials, some bulky items and even electronic components. Some of these items are really hard to dispose of and others might even be dangerous to your health.

We are Cleaners Kensington and provide professional junk removal services in Kensington, W8 London.

Electronic appliances like microwaves, refrigerators and ovens can be dangerous to take apart, but a professional junk disposal service like ours can handle this job for you. If you think the price will be too high then don’t worry – our quote depends on the type of garbage and its size so just contact us and we will tell you the price.

We service all kinds of propertiesoffices, flats, houses, shops etc. Many people use our services when they remodel or reconstruct their house. Such a job leaves a lot of waste which is very hard to remove, but our professional services easily take care of everything.

Many offices use our services in Kensington, W8 London, because they generate massive amounts of waste. Everyday offices dispose of paperwork, pens, pencils, folders and many other materials. Not to talk about the huge amounts of electronic components that offices exchange on a regular basis – machines like computers, printers and faxes may be really hard to dispose of and many offices prefer to use our services instead of forcing their workers to handle this exhausting job.

Professional companies like us also offer regular waste disposal services which take care of your waste on a daily or weekly basis. We service houses, flats, offices and other properties, but keep in mind that we service different properties in a different manner – for example, if you live in a house you have to leave your garbage in a marked bin and our service will take care of it.

Comapny Details

Company Name: Cleaning Services Kensington

Contact Number: 020 3475 5422