Flat Cleaners Kensington

Flat apartments are gradually replacing the houses in urban areas as they are much more convenient for those of you who lead an active lifestyle. This is the reason why most flats have their own cleaning team which does this job, but those who don’t have one, can call our professional cleaning team from a company like us.

Our cleaning agency is called Cleaners Kensington and provides top quality flat cleaning solutions in Kensington, W8 London.

There are a couple of choices if you plan to hire our flat cleaning services. The first of them is one-off cleaning which is recommended if you plan to upkeep your flat every couple of months. Deep cleaning is another service which is recommended if the flat hasn’t been maintained for a while and needs a serious clean. The final one is regular service which takes care of your flat on a regular basis and this is the service which most flat residents prefer.

Cleaning on a regular basis covers every area in the flat. The floors will be thoroughly mopped and vacuumed and all walls will be cleaned. If you have special flooring like marble it will be hand washed to prevent damage. The countertop, sink and cooking areas in the kitchen will be cleaned and disinfected. If you have left a lot of dishes in the kitchen then don’t worry – dish washing is included in the service and our cleaning team will take care of them.

Sofas or other upholstered furniture will be vacuumed regularly and any appliances that have caught dust will be be cleaned as well. If you have special items like pictures and other appliances, you can leave the cleaning team special instructions on how to clean them in order to prevent damage.

Keep in mind that window cleaning, curtain cleaning and carpet cleaning are not included in the service and you have to order them separately. These are services that aren’t needed on a regular basis and you can just use them every few months.

Comapny Details

Company Name: Cleaning Services Kensington

Contact Number: 020 3475 5422