Cleaning Maid Kensington

cleaning services in kensingtonCleaning up your entire house is a very hard task and if you are tired of having to clean your home all by yourself, then you should consider hiring a maid service. Our cleaning company in Kensington, W8 London offers maid services which are fully customizable and completely satisfy the needs of even the strictest customers.

When the maid arrives at your place she will thoroughly inspect it and you should carefully explain exactly what services you require, but remember that most of our maids only service houses, because offices are too spacious to be cleaned by one person. You can explain to the cleaning lady the tasks you require and their frequency.

It is very important to specifically tell the maid what services you need. For example if you have special furniture you can give her detailed instructions on how to clean it. However, remember that such services might cost you extra, but the price is nothing when compared to the satisfactory results you will see. Hiring our services is easy and takes a few minutes over the phone.

The first thing that a made does is to vacuum all carpets in the entire house. The next step is to dust the appliances and furniture, afterwards the maid moves to the kitchenin order to clean the appliances. There are also many extra services that you can order – laundry, dishwashing, ironing and others.

Maids are responsible for their work and if you are unsatisfied with something you should complain to either the maid or the cleaning company. In most cases maids will be glad to repeat the job again so that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

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