One Off Cleaning Kensington

Imagine yourself during a relaxing and enjoyable vacation with your family, but once it is over you must return to your own home. However, if you have been away for too long you will find your house covered in grime, dust and dirt. This is certainly bad news for every homeowner, because cleaning the entire house not only takes a lot of time, but also exhausts you.

If you don’t want to do this tiring job yourself then don’t hesitate to hire our professional one-off cleaning services in Kensington, W8 London. This service specializes in cleaning houses that haven’t been used for a while and are in desperate need of a good cleaning. Such an exhausting job may ruin the experience of the entire vacation and you certainly don’t want to risk that, do you?

Cleaners Kensington provides top quality one-off cleaning and this service involves cleaning every part of the house’s interior. Our team will start from the front door, vacuum all the carpeted floors, hand wash the ones which are not carpeted and finish with cleaning the windows and walls.

The kitchen is the one room in your house that needs perfect hygiene and this is why our trained cleaning team spends most of its time cleaning the kitchen. All of the cooking areas and countertops will be thoroughly washed. The cupboard will be dusted off and the sink will be disinfected for proper hygiene. All of the fittings, showers, faucets in the bathroom and toilets will also be descaled and cleaned.

Special flooring like marble and hardwood will be hand washed to prevent damage and the upholstery in the bedroom will be vacuumed too.

Comapny Details

Company Name: Cleaning Services Kensington

Contact Number: 020 3475 5422