Cleaning Company Kensington

The cleaning services provided by Cleaners Kensington involve the cleaning of houses, flats, commercial properties, offices and other spaces. All of our services are offered in packages that cater the needs of every customer and the cleaning solution they require.

There are many kinds of services that our cleaning agency can deliver in Kensington, W8London. From the basic ones which involve the cleaning of the entire house to specific ones like cleaning of upholstery, carpets and rugs. Below are the cleaning services we offer and what they mean to you as a customer.

One of the most desired services is house cleaning or also known as domestic cleaning. This involves regular maintenance of your house which includes the thorough cleaning of every room. If you have a big home and just don’t have enough time to properly clean every part of it then this is the service for you. Except from home owners, this service is also preferred by people who are about to put their house on the market.

Move out cleaning is one of the most desired services. This service is preferred by tenants who are about to leave the home to their landlord. At the end of the tenancy period landlords inspect the place they have rented out, so they’re sure that the place was left clean and arranged, if it is dirty and unkempt the tenant will be fined. This service includes cleaning the entire place and removing any trash and items so that the place returns its original condition.

Many people own and lease small spaces like offices and other properties which are too small to need regular house cleaning services. In this case owners prefer to purchase the “One off cleaning” service which is perfect for keeping the place relatively clean and ensuring that there won’t be any mold growing in it.

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