Carpet Cleaners Kensington

steam-cleaningOur carpet cleaning teams in Kensington, W8 London are highly trained and work according to the latest standards in the cleaning industry. We only use state-of-the-art machines and environmentally friendly and anti-allergic cleaning solutions.

We are Cleaners Kensington and provide top quality carpet cleaning services in Kensington W8 London.

The process of carpet cleaning involves several steps that remove all kinds of stains. Naturally, our team will first inspect the carpet and analyze the stains and their toughness. Based on that information they will choose the best cleaning method and then the real cleaning begins.

If there is any light furniture it will be taken out of the room. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove the bigger dust particles on the surface. Afterwards the toughest stains are treated with a cleaning solution and a steam cleaner is used to extract all the dirt from beneath the surface.

carpet-cleaning-300x200Steam cleaning wasn’t a popular cleaning method in the past, but now it is the best way to treat hard stains and this is why our company uses professional steam cleaners. The tough stains will be pre-treated with cleaning agents and afterwards the steam cleaner will be run on them. This will certainly flush out all the dirt and grime and return the original looks of the carpet.

Remember that old stains are very hard to remove and it is possible that our team won’t be able to remove them. It is important that you call our team as soon as possible, because the sooner they treat the spot, the bigger the chance that they will be able to successfully treat the bad stain and revive your carpet’s good looks.

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