Rug Cleaning Kensington

rug-clean-300x223There is nothing compared to the warm, fuzzy and cozy feeling when you are walking on a rug. If you have ever owned a rug then you know this feeling and there is nothing that can replace this comfort. However, rugs can quickly get dirty and it is very important to maintain their quality as this is the only way they’ll keep their good appearance.

Many people think that vacuuming the rug once a week is more than enough to keep it clean, but they are wrong. Rugs need special care which can only be offered by professional cleaning company. We are called Cleaners Kensington and deliver quality rug cleaning services inKensington, W8 London. The effect of vacuuming a rug is nothing compared to the effect our professional steam cleaning machine can achieve.

The professional cleaning process includes several steps that we follow. The first thing our team does is to vacuum the rug in order to take out the dust particles stuck below the rug’s surface. The second step is the key to a good job – the rug is steam cleaned with advanced machine and chemicals. We use a steam cleaner, because it gives maximum penetration and flushes out even the smallest dust particles.

The biodegradable cleaning solutions we use, guarantee that your rug won’t be damaged. Unlike most products, our cleaning reagents don’t leave any residue. Don’t worry if you think your rug is too big – our team has years of experience and can handle just about anything, so contact our cleaning company if you want to see the original looks of your rug.

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